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Welcome to the G. van Beek & Zn. Group

From a small one-man company to a versatile family business. That's the history from G. van Beek & Zn. in short. A unique group of companies. Grown by shifting boundaries, remained small by allowing close to the customer. The innovative solutions from G. van Beek & Zn. Calf stable equipment, G. van Beek & Zn. Concrete industry, G. van Beek & Zn. Total projects and G. van Beek & Zn. Calves come together in the unique experimental farm Vealfarm Beekzicht in Barneveld.
  • G. van Beek & Zn. Calf stable equipment

    More and more calf farmers worldwide choose a calf stable of G. van Beek & Zn. A stable that forms the basis for efficient management and a healthy return. We design, produce and assemble stables for white veal calves and rosé veal calves. Discover the secret of our custom solutions!

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  • G. van Beek & Zn. Total projects

    Are you intending to realize a new calf stable? Are you going to start a business or enlarging your stables? G. van Beek & Zn. can take care of the complete realisation. From the first sketch to the last screw. From the construction to the equipment. If you let us take care of the turnkey project, you optimally make use of our knowledge and experience!

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  • G. van Beek & Zn. Concrete industry

    In the present construction sector, concrete prefab elements are very important. They enable to build quickly and with a high quality. G. van Beek & Zn. provides concrete elements for the house-building sector, the non-residential building sector, for civil engineering and for stables. Custom-made, constructed from the best concrete and quickly delivered.

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  • G. van Beek & Zn. Calves

    A good calf in a good stable, cared for by a good calf farmer. That combination is necessary for a good result. As manufacturer of calf stable equipment and concrete elements we are experienced in building good stables. But we do more. We also deliver good calves to a selection of companies and we accompany the calf farmers in question. That’s the power of G. van Beek & Zn. Kalveren B.V.

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  • Vealfarm Beekzicht

    Welcome at Vealfarm Beekzicht. Come and have a look in the durable and innovative test stable of G. van Beek & Zn. Discover how the best and most responsible piece of meat is growing: in a stable in which the calves get a lot of light, healthy air, space and comfort. In the stables of Vealfarm Beekzicht, built in 2013, all innovations in the calf sector come together. Look at our photo album and come and see it with your own eyes!

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